Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme

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Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme

Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi SchemeZinatpay ponzi Payment scheme is a community of people providing help financially to one another for free in return get Zinatpay.com - Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme

helped back. They transfer money directly to each other, that is peer-to-peer, from one bank account to another.

How to Join Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme

You start making money by taking action below:



Just only because they want to help another person financially. There is no formal organization, no legal person in Zinatpay. And of course there is no central bank account, no other activity in any form. Neither close, nor open. There is nothing! There are only simple participants,

simple private persons and nothing more. And of course there is no special registrations, permission and licenses in here. (Permissions and licenses for what and for what reason? For money transferred from one man to another? And whom should this licenses and permissions be given?

How Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme works

With Zinatpay you are guarantee to Make 200% on your capital within 0-14days. There are three plans you can sign up for which includes the bronze plan, silver plan and the gold plan. Each plans capital and benefits are analysed below.

Please only invest your SPARE MONEY ALONE in Zinatpay.com … With Zinatpay you are guaranteed 200% Return On Investment (ROI).

Terms and Condition of Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme

Thus, Zinatpay is not illegal and does not break any laws. Because there are only money transfers between private persons and nothing more. It should be noted that Zinatpay is not a fraud. Everyone is informed about the possible and impossible risks fully involve and from the very beginning (And everyone put a mark during the registration, confirming that he was informed about the warning.)
NOTE 1. Your account will be blocked after 24hours if you do not make a donation when an order is given.
NOTE 2. Your account will equally be suspended if you fail to confirm a participant 24hours after he/she has paid you. When this happens the 2 parties involved will be required to send proofs to consolidate their claims. This report should be forwarded
There are no guarantees and promises! Neither explicit nor implicit. There are neither investments nor business! There are no securities transactions, no relationship with the professional participants of the securities market; you do not acquire any securities. There are no rules. In principle! The only rule is no rules, at all! Even if you follow all of the instructions, you still may “lose”.
And in general, you can lose all your money. Always remember
 Packages in Zinatpay.com – Peer-to-Peer Ponzi Scheme


  • Capital Interest = N20,000.00
  • Maturity Date= 0-14day
  • Capital Interest = N60,000.00


  • Capital Interest = N50,000.00
  • Maturity Date= 0-14day
  • Capital Interest = N150,000.00


  • Capital Interest = N100,000.00
  • Maturity Date= 0-14day
  • Capital Interest = N300,000.00
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